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After sending payment to register Tile Print you will be sent an unlock key and instructions on how to unlock Tile Print.

The current version of Tile Print is 3.0 Build 643. If you have an older version, download the latest version to get all of the features.  You can check your version in Help > About.

Remember to uninstall your old version before installing the latest version. All of your settings will be retained.

IMPORTANT! Please allow 24 hours for your unlock key. If you do not receive an unlock key, please check your spam filter or call (604) 826-7627. If you want to send an email, please include your phone number because if you did not reveive the unlock key it is likely that a spam blocker is preventing my emails from getting through to you.

Tile Print, $15.95 US  

Please click here to request information on payment by money order or cheque.